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My Dog is a Karen – Changing Minds

Happy Friday Everyone,

Another Friday rolls on top of me again. I like coming up with these stories and even though Ginger provides me with plenty of entitled moments, it becomes difficult sometimes to find original stories for my blog.

So, this morning while munching on a cinnamon roll muffin made by my loving wife, I sip a hot tea to wash it down. I used to be a coffee and doughnut kind of guy but had to give up coffee more than twenty years ago due to a hiatal hernia. Green tea has been my choice of caffeine since the pain in my stomach won out over the delicious taste of the black morning elixir.

Doughnuts seemed to migrate to my midsection causing Dunlap’s disease. (Note: that when my belly dun laps my belt!) Muffins, while not being healthy, do display a marked improvement over the deep-fried, sugary treats.

It is Thursday morning, and I sit before the computer wondering what I am writing to fulfill this week’s blog. Nothing stimulates the creative juices like a muffin and its accompanying hot tea. Half the muffin disappears down my gullet when Ginger eagerly scrambles down the steps and rings her bell to go out for the third time in the early morning.

Not wanting to stop eating the sticky muffin, I finish the morning’s snack before letting her out. After the third ring, I pop the remaining piece into my mouth and start for her door. Unbeknownst to me or Ginger, Mom decides to come downstairs, “Oh, you decided to finely let her out.”

“Just finishing my muffin,” as I step down to the lowest level of the house. Ginger hearing her mother’s voice moving through the house, changes her mind and runs back upstairs to be with Mom.

“Really!” I exclaim with a certain confusion.

“There’s you karen story for the week,” laughs my wife of twenty-nine years.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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