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My Dog is a Karen – Bedtime Ally

Hello everyone,

More than twenty-eight years ago I began to bed down with my wife. A process quickly formed as newlyweds that she crawled into bed before me while I shuttered the abode. The responsibility was to turn off all the lights with the exception of security lighting, make the doors secure, and have cooler temperatures on the thermostat fell on me.

Over the years, dogs came into our lives. The first slept with us comfortably at twenty pounds. Our second 40-pound dog began sleeping with us but became upset because we took up too much space in our bed and moved to the floor in her padded dog bed in a clearing on mom’s side of the room.

Naturally, I take much too long performing the closing duties of the house and my lovely bride urges me to hurry for twenty-eight years. I wriggle into my third of the bed, the light goes off, and it is a fine time for forty winks. Except, her brain goes off at the very moment darkness descends upon the room and she tells me everything that pops into it. Eventually, there is a pause in her pronouncements to which I fall asleep. She, like many women of TikTok, complains about her husband falling to sleep so suddenly.

This past week precedes like any other goodnight with her meandering comments about life. I know not to interrupt her and just listen for the break in conversation. This evening's closing ceremony begins like any other until I receive a collaborator for support. About halfway through her nightly announcements, we hear, “Grrooonn, grrrummm,” coming from the floor.

Wife defensively, “I will not shut up and will talk as long as I want to.”

From the floor, “Ooorrrrnn, errrnnnn,” as Ginger moves her bed from along mom’s side to the floor near dad’s side.

Me chuckling to myself, “Finely I agree with a Karen!”

“Your dog is being a Karen again,” grumbles from the far side of the bed.

“Oh, she is my dog now?”

“Yes, you are thinking what she said and probably put her up to it.”

“No Ginger is a Karen and only does what she wants to do.”

Then, “Grrooonn, grrrummm,” telling us both to be quiet and stop interfering with her beauty sleep.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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