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My Dog is a Karen – Bed for a Queen

Happy Friday Everyone,

I usually don’t sport the same picture two weeks in a row, but this one requires an explanation. It is Ginger’s newest bed proving once and for all she is spoiled beyond a banana sitting unattended for three weeks.

Her first bed came when she was just a pup and lies on the living room floor. It measures about thirty inches, and she often lounges with her head dandling cock-eyed off one edge while her feet stretch over the other side. She will kick, scratch, and otherwise cajole it across the carpet to find the best Feng Shui spot for it. Which often leaves it blocking a high-traffic portion of the room.

This is not sufficient for a dog that considered herself the princess of the house and Mom buys her a bigger and softer bed for our bedroom. Even though the new bed measures forty inches with five inches of foam comfort, it proves beneath her perceived status as royalty. Mom includes a royal blue blanket and a leftover pillow. Before long we were tucking her into bed every night. Why, because that is how you treat a princess.

Her human mom and sister were shopping at a garage sale to benefit homeless dogs when they spotted a Great Dane size bed for only twenty dollars. This new bed measures fifty inches across with a good six inches of comforting foam padding. Mom knew the perfect spot for this bed was just inside the door of her new craft room.

After washing the bed, Mom places the new bed, Ginger tries it once, and turns her nose up at it. Mom adds a bright red heart pillow and after a short nap, it proves insufficient for the queen status Ginger bestowed on herself. Mom finds another old pillow for added comfort and support. Now, our queen karen has a royal bed regal enough to support her throne.

I capture her royal highness in a mid-afternoon nap for which I received the stink-eye for disturbing her.

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Danny Mac

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