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My Dog is a Karen – A Dog’s History

Hello everyone,

I read a meme this week that made me chuckle and think. The top picture shows a single wolf abandoned from the pack and crossing a snow-crusted landscape. The caption reads, “I’m hungry and there is a campfire, maybe I can get some food there. What is the worst that can happen? As I scrolled down, “10,000 years later” separated the bottom picture showing two sad-looking dogs wearing knitted silly hats.

It reminded me of an adage from when I was young. Once dogs were proud independent hunters, then they discovered people had couches. Thus, the accompanying picture.

The history of dogs coincides with human history. For thousands of years, dogs worked alongside humans for the profit of both. A dog’s keen awareness became a crucial element for hunting food and protecting the home from intruders. As the generations passed, the dogs developed into specialized breeds for specific jobs.

A little more than a hundred years ago, a dog’s life began to change from cohabitor to member of the family. This transmutation of dogs made them think they are human, and it is not their fault since we call them our fur babies. The ability to sleep through anything replaced the alertness of days gone by. Now there are videos of dogs sleeping through every threatening sound but a snack wrapper being opened.

As dogs enter the family status in the home, they took on human qualities as well. This means dogs have become more affectionate, loving, and caring over the years. However, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and some dogs acquired the entitlement of humans. This privileged attitude is in many people today. Some possess a small amount and others a great deal. The most entitled acquired the moniker, Karen.

Karen started as a rich white American woman, but as the stories flowed in from around the globe, it appears a Karen attitude affects any sex, race, religion, or social status. My story claims it now has crossed over to our family dog, who is a Karen.

Our neighbors put their house for sale. A nice couple put in an offer, and we met the other day. Ginger, our four-legged Karen became upset upon seeing new faces wandering around the yard of our neighbors. I met incoming neighbors but Ginger, who is a Karen wouldn’t accept them into the neighborhood because they didn’t clear it with her. While they tried to make friends with her, she kept barking, “noooorrrooo” at them. Her Karen way of saying they are not welcome. As for me, I am glad to have met them, and maybe they will join our Small Group.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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I had a Rottweiler who was opposite of a Karen, In fact, the tell of the vicious Rottweiler lost its fizz when it came to my dog Wicked. He looked mean as a junk yard dog but the kids in the neighborhood forever wanted to play with him. The mail man on the other hand believed the hype of the attack dog tale and would no longer deliver my mail because of the rotating tell of the Karen - Rottweiler myth. I was disappointed because me being a single lady wanted an attack dog. But wait, one day a man was coming to serve me some papers for a court case. I do not know how Wicked knew he wa…

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