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Mac’s Moments – Writing Fail



For the past couple of months, since my FIL went into the nursing home for end-of-life care, I found it too distracting to write anything. We visited him several times a week because my MIL found it draining to leave the house only for him to sleep the visit away. The painkillers and other meds kept him as comfortable as possible with brain cancer.


I used to write or edit three days a week for an hour or two each time furthering my latest project. The most recent was a collection of short stories from the past twenty years. However, the editing process proved to be disabling upon looking at the screen and not being able to project the words in front of me. I have tried but nothing could escape my mind into coherent sentences. My weekly writing shrunk to an hour on my weekly blog and it too, became a drain on me to an empty shell.


Tammy, my wife, wants another My Entitled Dog story. Every time I sit down to create another fanciful yarn from the perspective of our dog, all thoughts dry up upon sitting with the keyboard beneath my fingers. I would love to provide one for Christmas and will try next week for it.


The ideas for new storylines still float in my mind for future tales of humanity. Currently, there is one involving a woman reminiscing from her youth with sweetness and impending dread. She has been dating a man for six months when he makes a witty sarcastic remark about her body. She turns to see a wry smile cross his face. She states, “You are a P.I.A.” Then her mind instantly remembers her mother calling her father that her whole life and then questions if he will be her pain for the next fifty years. I cannot quite put this into story format, but the plot is thick in my head.


I don’t know if other authors have experienced this before, if so, I am open to suggestions on how to rid this funk from my life.


My author page at offers insights into my books and upcoming events.


God bless,

Danny Mac

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