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Mac’s Moments – Writing Again

Happy Ground Hog’s Day,


I began writing as a cathartic exercise and a means to improve my writing skills for business. I started with short stories and have amended them over the years. I might put them into a book and share my favorite with the world. Let me know if this is a good idea.


Last October, life came at us fast. Many ordinary problems were cropping up and then my father-in-law’s health began failing. His family physician could do nothing more for him and suggested we take him to the emergency room.


They ran several tests only leading to more tests. The tension grew as we learned a neurosurgeon was called in to evaluate. It turned out he had a golfball-sized tumor growing in his brain and they whisked him off to a hospital specializing in brain problems. It was three days later before we received word of it being inoperable and his days are numbered.


This on top of many other problems caused a block from the thoughts in my head reaching my fingers to type into a story. A complete scene in my head while resting turned into “hovdohehv” when typing. I tried very hard to make a coherent sentence only to have little to nothing come out of my brain.


After a week of staring at a blank page for an hour, I quit until November. Again nothing, the only thoughts able to escape can only be described as gibberish. The first of December brought the same problem. I decided to step back from trying to write until the New Year. I kept up on my blogs during this time and it took several hours to produce three hundred words.


My prayers for healing grew with every passing week. After a leave from writing for several months, I sat down Monday morning with the final chapter of my latest book in mind. The words flowed slowly at first and then streamed out like nothing was wrong. I finished the conclusion to my New Book and found a potential title for it, The Antidimension. The book has about 37,000 words and after ten or so edits, it should reach 50,000 words.


I might add, that I created my first word in my literary journey. Now I am only a couple thousand new words behind Shakespeare. No, I didn’t as my recent search shows Antidimension is already used in other writings.


To my fellow authors, sometimes it is good to break away from writing, get your life back together, and start again. It took me a half hour to write 450 words today.


Please review my author page at to learn more about me and my books.


God bless,

Danny Mac

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