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Mac’s Moments – Why

Ginger pondering life.
Adorable and Unanswerable

Hello to all,


At age eighteen, I knew the answer to every question life threw at me. It is too bad life didn’t remain the same, and as I lived, more questions came. There was a frantic search to find the answers on many occasions, but some questions passed without answers. Middle age piled even more questions upon my life without answers. Not having the answers perplexed me greatly.


As the gray hair replaced the blond I had grown up with, having the answers for everything didn’t seem to matter anymore. I learned to accept life with all its questions as they came at me. Questions still enter daily life, but if some go unanswered, no worries. Some questions are never meant to be answered.


I must admit a few questions linger in my life that cause me to pause and think about them. They do not cause great consternation, but I wonder about them.


Why do the traffic lights always turn red when I run late, but if I am early, they remain constantly green? Inevitably, if I am running late, traffic lights turn red. The more critical the appointment, the more lights turn red, and the length of the redlight increases. I have also been known to sit in my car for arriving too early for an appointment because I left plenty of time and all traffic lights were green.


Why do eggs come in large, extra-large, and jumbo but not medium and small? I prefer jumbo eggs with my breakfast. My wife and daughter like baking, and the specifications require large eggs. The question entered my mind when I came home from the store with a carton of large eggs and a dozen jumbos. The store offers large, extra-large, and jumbo eggs. Why are there not small and medium eggs? If oversized people like myself like jumbo eggs, are there not diminutive people asking for smaller sizes?


Why must I notice my wife’s haircut before entering the house? For thirty years, I would enter the house, and before my hat left my head, Tammy would ask me how I liked her haircut. Sometimes, this question came from another part of the house without a direct line of sight. It is as if I could see her new hairdo telepathically from the car traveling home. Please remember that her hair was a foot long, and the stylist trimmed it a half-inch off the ends. I was to cheer for the new coiffure. I changed to a buzz cut when I noticed the combover looked ragged. I let my hair grow to an inch and then sheered it to a quarter inch. It would take her days to see 75% of my hair missing, but I was to notice her 5% within seconds of entering the door.


I realize there are no answers to satisfy these questions, although they still twirl around in my head from time to time. I have speculated about possible answers, but none seem to fit perfectly. It is life, and some things are never meant to be understood.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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