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My favorite picture
T's Art piece

Hello to all,


Recently, I have read many posts on Facebook asking if you prefer a seaside or mountain retreat. It is a great conversation starter, and some of them have many comments. The comments vary between the two choices, with the seaside having an advantage. Then there are strange people like me who answer with alternative dreams. My wife and I would love a cottage by a flowing stream if God grants me a lottery payoff or my books become a best seller.


Tammy began painting a year ago under T's Trashy Treasure Art. She is a self-taught artist who uses tutorials from the web and trial and error. Her preferred art is acrylic landscapes. Her first pictures were from the depths of her memory, bringing out the wonder of unique settings. She also searches the internet for inspiration. She will find a majestic photo of rarely traveled places and create a cozy scene she would like to visit that doesn’t exist.


Most of her works are 8 x 10, but she has finished larger paintings of 18 x 24.  My favorite hangs on the wall just outside our bedroom door. It depicts a red barn-like cottage nestled along a cool stream smartly decored with summer flowers and overhanging trees. I imagine this dream house by the river has a studio for her painting and another room for writing in solitude while carrying the usual creature comforts every home should have.


A good picture brings out the imagination in the eyes of the beholder. Her art does this for me. The avant-garde might say her paintings are simple and ordinary, but I like art to be simple and ordinary. Her art takes me places I would enjoy visiting and maybe even living there. The settings are peaceful and serene while demonstrating all the beauty God offers in the wild.


If anyone wants to know more about her artwork, you may see more at T's Trashy Treasure Art on Facebook. There, you will find a collection of mountain vistas, grassy meadows, and even a seascape or two.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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