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Mac’s Moments – Sunshine



Living in northeast Ohio (NEO) we celebrate winter sunshine. Starting the first of December, cold winds move across the state bringing one front after another. In between the fronts, the wind continues to blow from the west and north layering us with low-level lake-effect clouds blotting out the sun. Lake Erie is always slightly warmer and keeps the clouds hovering over us between rainy days.


If we are lucky, NEOs will see two maybe three days of sunshine per month for January and February. These days bring forth great joy and jubilation after we find our forgotten sunglasses after two weeks of cloudiness. The thick-blooded people of the land will parade around town soaking in the few moments of brightness.


The problem is to have a bright sunny day, cold dry air from the polar cap brings the temperature down. These rare sunny days are akin walking in a deep freezer while Paparazzi shines a bright light in your face. The high-pressure cell pushing cold air clears out the clouds from the region and then keeps it cold until the next low pressure from the southwest bringing more rain and clouds. Oh, but we love our sunshine when it cares to visit for a day.


Driving home from Church on Sunday, the blueness of the sky amazed me. I don’t know if was more grandeur for not seeing it for a while or if it was bluer than normal. Monday blossomed with a bright sun, and it warmed to the low thirties. A haze of clouds fell across the land in the afternoon and cleared out just in time for nightfall. Tuesday came with mostly sunny skies and mid-thirties temperatures.


Wednesday saw blue skies with wisps of white fluffy clouds hanging high in the atmosphere with temperatures reaching the mid-forties. What a day to just go for a walk. Even my elderly MIL thought it was nice outside. A fourth mostly sunny day in a row made our collective spirits shine with joy and gave us a giddy-up to our step.


Thursday broke to increasing clouds and fair amount of sunshine. The heavier clouds from the storm that ravaged California hadn’t moved into NEO plunging us into gray. Mid-afternoon temperature reached sixty degrees with the sun peering between the clouds. We would be swimming if it weren’t for the impending rain expected for Friday and Saturday.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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