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Mac’s Moments – Scaring Daughter


Many asked me to keep them informed about my FIL while in the nursing facility. We visited him yesterday and he smiled when seeing us. Then his face curled stating, “I’m hungry!” Apparently, he slept through breakfast and lunch. The kind orderly brought him food. Other than that, he appeared well as can be as expected.

A smile broke across my face on Wednesday this week upon reading a memory that appeared on FB regarding me scaring my daughter six years ago. She came out of the bathroom when I happened by. I stuck my hand into the opening and shouted, “Bug aloo.” She nearly jumped out of her skin. I shared with my FB friends who are mostly other adults of teenagers and a multitude of laughing faces showed up as the reaction at the bottom.

The very next day as I climb the stairs, I hear the doorknob to the bathroom jiggle and see then see the door open. What is a dad to do? I did whatever any self-respecting father would do to their now twenty-year-old daughter. I stuck my hand through the opening and shouted, “Bug aloo.”

“Why?” jumped out of the mouth of my only daughter two octaves higher than normal. Laughter sprung forth from the craft room as her mother found it funny as all get out.

Knowing she will be the one picking out my nursing home, what should I have done when approaching my daughter leaving the bathroom?

A. Politely say morning and keep going.

B. Ignore like she wasn’t there.

C. Or scare the bejeepers out of her.

Please answer below.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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