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Mac’s Moments – Resolutions



It is that time of year when people make promises to themselves regarding enhancements in their lives. They will sometimes share these objectives with friends and family to help their resolve to improve upon their day-to-day disposition.


Through many years of living, I have heard various laudable goals set by friends and family. The most common goal was to lose weight in the New Year. People finding a better job was projected often when my clothing was considered hip. Then as middle age settled upon my years, it seemed healthy living and eating rightly made the top of the list. Peppered throughout all these were goals of reading more, loving better, and weight loss.


I was never one to dwell on such things, but the New Year would make me reflect on my past and seek my future. I never liked making resolutions because within a couple of weeks after the celebrations, they were all but forgotten.


It was a little more than forty years ago, that God came into my life and throughout the majority of my life, I kept one resolution. That is to grow closer to Christ with every day. It’s hard to see from one day to the next, but looking back on the forty-plus years, I see where God changed me to reflect his glory.


I am still a very poor reflection akin to a dusty broken mirror, but his light shines more today than it did yesterday. And so, my New Year’s resolution for 2024 is to grow closer to God and become more Christ-like with every passing day. This year, I ask everyone to pray as my FIL lives out the remainder of his days as the cancer in his brain slowly takes his life.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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