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4.8 stars on Amazon
My First Book

Hello to all,


I am deeply grateful to a kind reader who recently posted my eighteenth 5-star rating on Goodreads for my first book, The Six Loves of Jack Brown. Another 5-star rating appeared on the Amazon page for this book, contributing to 84% of my ratings for this highest achievement. Your support has led my first book to carry 4.8 stars on Amazon and 4.22 stars on Goodreads. I suspect this is true for other authors, but seeing a 5-star rating associated with my book makes my heart sing joyfully.


Ratings and reviews are the most common feedback most writers receive for the many hours spent churning out a book for you to read. It is rare for the reader to sit and discuss my book with me. I rely on the simple task of rating my book to find inspiration to continue writing the next book. Receiving a review focuses me on creating my next book while honing my skills to make it better than the first.


I urge everyone reading a book to take the time to rate it on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever you purchased the story. Don’t worry if your rating is low. The one thing worse than a low rating is no rating at all. If you have a moment, write a review for the book. It can be as small as “I liked it” to a couple of paragraphs pouring your heart out for other readers to see how it affected you. Again, if you didn’t like the book, I would love to hear why so I may correct it next time. If you loved the book, it fills my heart with joy to see your enjoyment of my work.


Most authors do not sell their books much, and we will never become wealthy. We write for the love of it. We risk our hearts by publishing our work for the world to see. We prefer to see all 5-star ratings but understand some will not be pleased with our story and give less than a stellar rating. Yes, five stars are better than two stars, but we see people giving our creation enough consideration to rate it. It is all good.


I plead with every reader to rate and review the book when finished devouring the story.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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