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Mac’s Moments – New Book Idea


Here is a quick update on our home. We mostly recovered from COVID although my sinuses are still a little wacky and I feel drained all day long. It is not a sleepy feeling, more like someone beat me all night long making every muscle feel tight and weak. Pop made it through another week with little change to his status. The medical experts believe there will be a drastic change when his time is near.

Monday sees me at the computer trying to figure out something to write. Although there are many ideas floating in my head, none of them seem to become coherent enough to set my fingers to pecking. I try walking to clear my head and nothing forms into a story while aimlessly walking the yard. The struggle is real.

As the day progresses, many short stories written years ago spring forth from my memory. They make me smile as they come to mind. After sharing with friends years ago, it is my encouragement to write books today. I now have five books with a sixth in the works. A clever idea breaks across my mind to put these stories into a collection for everyone else to enjoy.

These stories are birthed from my dreams that wake me in the middle of the night. The oldest seeing twenty-five years of changes from rewrites and edits. I gather my favorites and put them into a book format. My working title is Short Stories from My Dreams. Currently, there categorized by genre with the first section called Falling in Love. These six shorts express people falling in love. The next section conveys sad sediments from tragedies of life. After that, the stories cover amusing circumstances and finally the last are tales of people finding redemption in life.

I hope to have the book ready for professional editing by the end of November. After the first of the New Year, I can send ARCs out to those of you who might like to be the first to read it. I am hoping to publish in early spring next year and would like to have at least twenty-five reviews available soon after the publication date. If you are interested in being an ARC reader, email me at

God bless,

Danny Mac

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