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Mac’s Moments – Impatience

Happy New Year,


There are moments in everybody’s lives when they exhibit impatience. For most people, this feeling of aggravation manifests itself infrequently throughout the week. There are some, where they stay calm even in the most trying circumstances. Then, we encounter people who lavish in impatience while demanding you stay patient with them. We call this last group entitled.


Living with Tammy for nearly thirty years, I find cooking tests her patience. It is seconded only to living with me and my strange thoughts tormenting her as the greatest threat to her patience. For myself, when an inanimate object fails to perform as wanted causes my blood pressure to spike. It seems situations where she has no control drives her to frustration and things that I should control and don’t drives me to exasperation.


Most recently, the can opener failed to maintain the groove for removing the lid. I tried again with bad words spoken under my breath and a much harder grip. This causes the can to flip over as I press much too hard. It is at that point I want to take the can to the garage and chop it open with an axe.


There is one who resides in our house with the attitude we are all put on the Earth to serve her every whim. If there was a picture definition of an impatient being wanting everyone to be patient with her, our dog, Ginger, would be smirking with joy over the acknowledgment. I let her out and she gives a quiet bark to come back into the house. She gives three, maybe four seconds before she unleashes a barrage of howls and yelps for me not moving fast enough.


I only know of one man to whom I can say he was perfectly patient in all things. We all have our triggers that spike the entitlement in us and we want what we want, when we want it. Furthermore, we expect the universe to bend to our will until we receive it. I know this is a daily problem for me. As I grow in the Spirit of God, I overcome this human trait.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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