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Mac’s Moments – Gratitude

My latest Fantasy book



As mentioned in a previous blog, I like to cook for my family and friends. To watch their face light up with each bite does my heart good. When the meal finishes and the compliments reign, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kind words. The moment allows me the opportunity to express gratitude to those complimenting me on my work.


Over the past five years, Amazon sold over 1000 of my books. Except for a few friends, I never hear feedback on my books. There are reviews on Goodreads and Amazon but most of those are more of an appraisal of the work than an acknowledgment of how it affects the reader personally. I am grateful for the reviews but there is no way to express gratitude to those leaving the review. This leaves me feeling empty and depressed.


A blog of my thoughts arrives every Friday on various social media in an attempt to disseminate my image to likely readers. A couple of blogs ago, a reader posted comments on Facebook about how it helped her in her life of dealing with marketing predators on social media. This went beyond the usual short comments, likes, or thumbs-up button. Hearing my fellow author take comfort from my words and taking the time to thank me, brought a deep gratitude from my being to encourage me to write more regarding life as an author. I made it a point to thank her for her kind words.


I want to believe other authors face this same predicament of wanting to express gratitude for their readers but cannot for the very nature of our business makes it difficult to do so. If you read a book, blog, or other essay by an author, please leave a comment. The more detailed the message the more authors appreciate your observation. Telling us how it impacted your life is a real thrill. Forums that allow feedback such as Facebook, Goodreads, and others allow the author to reply demonstrating their gratitude and appreciation. This is all the encouragement an author requires to move forward with their next project.


Writing this on Thursday for a Friday release made me realize I have to be more responsive to other author’s blogs, questions, and the problems they face so that they feel encouraged to move forward.


At is a good place to learn more about me and my books. This past week, I reviewed the new chapter for my latest project. It has grown to 3200 words but it is more complete than before. I thank God for all those reading my posts and books.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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