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Mac’s Moments – Dog Trouble

Favorite sleeping spot
Once they were free, then they discovered couches

Hello to all writers,


As mentioned, I like writing first thing in the morning while sipping tea and sporting my pajamas. The creative vibes manifest the best results in the quiet of the morning, but there are interruptions.


The storyline becomes clear in my head as my fingers peck feverishly at the keys. Then, the noise of steps from the craft room announces Tammy is coming and that I must finish the thought before she appears in the kitchen. She begins talking halfway down the steps, asking me a question that has nothing to do with the plot free-flowing from my brain. As she places her empty cup on the counter, she asks, “Did you hear the latest bird call from the feeder in the backyard?” I stare at my screen, shaking my head no.


Then she heads to the living room to find Ginger sleeping soundly on the couch. In a pitched doggy voice, she squeals, “Oh, you are so adorable,” while scratching both sides of her furry cheeks. She continues to rile up the family dog until she is sufficiently awake. My loving wife hightails it up the stairs to her craft room again.


I retrain my thoughts to where I left off and begin pecking for the keys once more. “Bing!” alarms the bell as Ginger wants out, and it is my job since the boss went upstairs. I break from typing once again to let her out.


Late in the morning, my current cache of thoughts runs dry. I place my mug on the counter, waiting for the afternoon tea session, and start for the bedroom.  As my foot hits the top step, I hear, “What’s up,” coming from the craft room. In my best M.C. Hammer voice, I sing, “It’s shower time, doo, do, do, dodod, dodod, it’s shower time.” Then, I race into the room and remove my PJs as quickly as possible because I heard the dog crawling off the couch.


“Bing!” rings throughout the house, and I hear footsteps approaching our room. The door bursts open, and Tammy cries out, “She binged!” as the last of my clothes reveal my birthday suit.


“I can’t because I am naked,” comes back to her in what she calls the family smirk. I smile throughout the shower, knowing Ginger gave me revenge for my morning disturbance.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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