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Mac’s Moments – Dog Text

Ginger Sleeping while of guard duty
Ginger Sleeping

Hello to all,


How many of you text another family member while sharing the same house? I recently saw a meme about people sending texts while sitting in the same house. It showed a couple sitting beside each other and sending messages back and forth. I laughed at it because my wife and I text within the house on a regular basis.


We do talk while in the same room, but if I am downstairs and she wants me upstairs, Tammy will text me to her. This method of contacting each other does not involve shouting and serves as a peaceful exchange of information. Furthermore, when I am busy, I can ignore the text until a free moment to check it. It is the most convenient way to communicate in our house.


The biggest reason we prefer texting is that we have a furry four-legged barking machine that jumps to the wrong conclusion if someone shouts in the house. Upon hearing me holler “Tammy” up the steps, Ginger, our dog, understands this to mean there is a strange person in our yard, a truck pulling into our drive, or masked marauders invading our home. Ginger generates a torrent of screams, yelps, and high-pitched barks as she races from her slumber to her protective watch position in the front window.


I loudly and verbally invite Tammy to taste dinner in the kitchen, preempting Ginger's barks at her perceived injustices out the front window. The dark cinnamon hair on her back stands straight up as she immediately jumps to our defense. Her ear-piercing squeal sends shivers down the backs of all in the house, and when she is done, a residue of a headache lingers. There is no relief until she barks at nothing for a good five minutes.


The biggest reason we text in our house instead of shouting is to avoid a headache. I suppose we could approach the person on foot and ask quietly, but where is the fun in that? Maybe we should call them dog texts since Ginger is the reason we text instead of calling out for each other.


I hope everyone had a joyous and safe Independence Day celebration. 


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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