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I love to cook. Seeing people’s faces light up as the conversation dries up while devouring my culinary offering pleases my heart. I suggest to every young man to learn how to cook because it works better than flowers and candy in covering mistakes with your wife.


Having published my first book in 2020, I have fifteen reviews and several friends tell me the pleasure in reading it. Again, my heart brightens to hear of their enjoyment in my writing. Unlike my cooking, I cannot see the faces as they read since reading is a quiet and personal time. It would be intrusive to spy on the person delving into my story. So, I can only hear their acknowledgments after the fact. It still feels good, but not as intense as watching them eat my creation on the table.


I advertise my books on social media, Facebook, Instagram, X, and even LinkedIn. I also share my blogs on these same locations. Generally, my blogs receive between twenty and fifty reads per week. However, my posts about the blogs receive anywhere from fifty to a hundred likes on the various sites. The difference is Digital Marketers, SEO Experts, and Ad Developers wanting me to pay them money through Fiverr and Upwork.


Consistently the people who like my blog but don’t read it are the very people who DM wanting me to buy their service. The first question asked is if they can have a link for my books even though my page offers a link to purchase my books. Then tell me what a great story I produced. “What do you like about it?” is my first question back to them. Since they haven’t read the blurb let alone the whole book, they give me non-descriptive replies like character development.


I spent over $200 on these Fiverr experts in my first year as an author. I would send them a unique link to my book, and they would do their magic to promote my book. Through this unique link, I received around a dozen clicks and no sales over a year. I became jilted by the lack of effectiveness and avoided these experts in all cases.


I will offer to send them the unique link to my book and if they can sell five or ten books, I will pay them. “I don’t sell books,” defiantly retorts back.


“If your promotions don’t lead to sales, what good is it?”


“I make people aware of your book so you can sell more books,” is the nonsensical comeback.


My fellow authors, please be careful when dealing with the experts constantly hounding your social media pages. If they cannot take the time to read your bio, then they won’t offer effective promotions for your book. That has been my experience.


Please review my author page at to learn more about me and my books.


God bless,

Danny Mac

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