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Mac’s Moments – A Guy Thing

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Hello to all,


Trigger Warning: Women might want to keep this blog away from their soon-to-be adult male children in order not to influence them towards bad habits. Young women looking to marry might wish to note this blog to know the mountain of uncouth behavior they will face upon finding that special man.


I recently watched some reels, shorts, and other videos featuring men doing things that women might find inappropriate. One of them was called A Guy Thing. A guy thing is a behavior, habit, or tradition created by a man living alone for an extended time. It reflects his need for convenience and comfort while keeping a house somewhat inhabitable.


The first Guy Thing I remember from my youth was having a friend comment on how clean and orderly my kitchen appeared. There were two reasons for this. The first was being a professional cook, which was my first career. A clean kitchen was a functional spot. The second qualifies as a guy thing: I rinsed the plate, cup, and flatware and stuffed them under the counter until they formed a pile suitable for washing at a later date. Although the kitchen appeared presentable, there may have been not quite clean dishes in the lower cabinet.


A young woman asked me about separating my laundry. I showed her three baskets in the bedroom. The far left was for clean clothes, and the far right was earmarked for dirty ones. When the dirty basket was full, the whole pile went into the washer and then the dryer as a single load. The middle basket was a case for lightly worn clothes that could be worn again. Most women shutter at this very guy thing.


The last guy thing I remember from my youth was the toilet paper dispenser. It made a great decorative item in the bathroom. If a hot date came over, I would use this device, but other than those rare moments, the TP would sit on the back of the toilet.


My wife had it worse than most women because she married me after my thirty-fifth birthday. I was set in my ways and faced a rude awakening to civilized life by having a woman around all the time. She struggled for thirty years to make me into a gentleman, but there are days when the toilet seat does not go back down for her. I am still a work in progress as I cling to my guy things.


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God bless,

Danny Mac

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