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Kill or Don’t Kill

Hello everyone,

Finishing my seven week of shingles. Hoping all week for this to be over, I keep having relapses into pain and tingling in the upper left side of my stomach. Pray for me.

I follow several writing groups on Facebook. A couple questions this week made me consider and answer with my opinion. The first was an author wanting to know if they should kill off a beloved character in a sequel. My wishy-washy answer was it depends on how much drama can the writer get out of the character. Other responses ranged from kill them off to never kill them off.

The second dilemma proposed this week, how the character feels about killing another person. I pointed out Rod had extensive military training and would cope well. The Nonentity spent a lifetime selling goods became very troubled by having to kill another man. There were several suggestions as to do research into the subject.

As writers we draw from our own experience. However, I doubt most writers have any experience with killing or being killed. This experience ranges outside the normal scope of most writers. Being a sensitive subject, we need to handle with care and consideration. The response to facing death pivots on our character’s personality. We take from previous writing and expand to our character and the situation. It was very difficult for me to write a killing scene and disturbing as one of my characters watch loved one die. Both are key moments in their book.

Life and death are the two biggest issues we face in life. They also represent the most problematic to understand. I hope as death weaves it way through my writings, it helps readers comprehend in their lives.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? This week while making lunch, she sits at the top of the stairs waiting patiently. I finish grilling the sandwich, open a sprite, and sit down to eat. Before I am able to pull my chair under the table. Ginger races down stairs and rings her bell to go out. My dog waited for me to sit down before wanting to go out. She executed her diabolical scheme with precision and deliberation.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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