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Karen Claims Her Spot

Hello everyone,

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Ginger sleeps on the couch in the evenings before going to bed. She curls into a ball alongside a pillow nearest the front wall. Many times, I have to wake her up to go to bed from this spot. This interruption of her sleep mode comes with groans and moans of having her comfort disturbed.

Empty-nesters, Mitch and Julie recently returned from a month-long working vacation. They plan to move later this year to be closer to his parents and escape the northern Ohio winters. I am happy for them to find the next chapter in their lives but sad to lose them to Florida. They will be missed but until then we will enjoy their company as often as we can.

I invited our friends for dinner this past Saturday. Strombolis from scratch with a variety of flavorful toppings headlined the dinner. A little wine, a beer for me, and a great conversation made the meal special.

The eclectic exchange of thoughts shifted to the living room, Mitch lounged on the couch nearest the front wall. Ginger, being the attention hound she is, started begging everyone in the room for pets and scratches with her sad face broadcasting the song “Ain’t Had No Lovin”. As one hour chitchat stretched into two, Ginger started jumping on the couch with Mitch. She wedged her body alongside him and the couch. Then stood on him interrupting the sightline of everyone.

Ginger tired from standing there and not getting her needs met, sauntered over to me. Realized I was no help. Stomped to my wife with no relief and then back to Mitch. Again, she squeezed between him and the couch. Then stood on him a second time. Clearly, This Karen wanted something but we wouldn’t cooperate with her demands.

As eight-thirty approached, yawns spread around the room. Mitch rose to use the bathroom before saying goodbye. In the handful of seconds it took Mitch to reach the first step leading to the bathroom, Ginger vaulted into his spot and curled into a ball as if she had been there the whole evening. She claimed her rightful position in her hierarchy of being a Karen.

Mitch returned from the bathroom and I pointed to the dog asleep in his spot. As he looks down at our resident Karen, she closes her eyes in defiance and an act of domination. Karen won again! Except, everyone rose with Mitch and Julie gathering their hats and coats.

Ginger maintained her rightful position. However, they did not say goodbye to her and she jumped from her simulated slumber to receive her goodbye and a final scratching from the departing guest.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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