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I Am Sinister

Hello everyone,

I am sinister. The definition of sinister today is evil, ominous, and a little creepy. However, the original definition was of or on the left side. Yes, that means I am left-handed. I read the etymology of sinister and it stated the modern concept of it meaning evil came from the idea Jesus sits at the right hand of God and is good, therefore the left must be evil. This idea disregards the nature of God being completely good but apparently words can gain meaning from misconceptions.

Only about twelve percent of people are left-handed. Yet, it seems about fifty percent of the people I know are left-handed. I don’t know if we just naturally gather together or I gravitate towards it.

I managed a restaurant in my younger days. The Area Supervisor and his boss, the Regional Manager came for a visit. The RM notice the ladle and other tools facing left. He announced they should be the other way for ease of use. My cook that day was a five-foot ball of spit-fire and shouted, “Who moved my utensils.”

The RM sheepishly replied, “I made it easier to use.”

“I’m left-handed,” she demanded.

RM taken back, “What if Danny needs to use it?”

“He is left-handed.”

“What if the waitress comes to help?”

“She is left-handed”

All three of us working that morning were left-handed. The probability of that happening was very small but there we were.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? We began hosting the first of this year our Small Group with dinner at six and Bible study at seven every Tuesday night. We all know Karen has to be the center of attention. With my daughter shoveling snow while the wife and I clean the house, Ginger jumps in the way trying to capture our attention while whining out the window at her sister. Then diner guests arrive, and it pushes our dog to new heights of excitement as she runs from guest to guest with her sad eyes claiming no love since forever. This goes on all evening.

A normal day sees our dog going out at least fifteen times and barking at something in the neighborhood at least ten times. Wednesday becomes a makeup day for Ginger’s beauty rest and she goes out just five times all day with three barking sessions at the transgressor within her sight. Our four-legged Karen wore herself out the night before.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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