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Halloween Scaring Little More

Hello everyone,

Many younger costumed kids came early in the Trick-or-Treating. It seemed they either came to me wanting a high-five or stayed the furthest they could without walking on the grass. One five-year-old boy dressed as a pirate marched up the drive on a mission. Didn’t acknowledge me at all. Again, I talk to the mother waiting at the end of the drive. “Have him wave at me when you leave,” I explained.

Shortly after, “Mom, I got a lot of candy” as he bounced to the sidewalk. Upon reaching mom she points me out and he doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the scarecrow. “Wave to him,” mom said in a promising voice. The boy waves to the motionless monster he saw for the first time. I wave back. “Mom, it waved back to me.” I heard four different variations of the mantra as they walked to the next house.

The next group of five-ish children come up the drive. This time the mothers come with them. They stand right in front of me not paying attention for they are in mid conversation. I stand up and behind the one mother with her back to me. As I creep in closer to her, another mother points at me. The first mother turns and sees the scary mask and oversized hand then lets out a blood curdling scream. My only scream for the night. The monsters and princesses all want to know why mom screamed and the mothers pointed at me. I high-five all the little kiddos.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Heading up the stairs, there is a Kong squeaker toy left on the bottom landing. I kick it out of the way and meet up with my two children. The older one has two legs and in college while our baby has four legs. I announce, “Toys are not to be left at the bottom of the steps where the old folk can trip over them. We don’t need any more broken ankles.”

Ginger swaggers over to her sister standing on two legs. Ginger grumbles at her with a disappointing scolding with disdain on her face. This Karen blames her sister for leaving her squeaky toy at the bottom landing and telling her not to do it again. Then looks back at me as if to say, “Taken care of, are you satisfied?”

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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