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Halloween Let the Scaring Begin

Hello everyone,

In part one, I gave the setup for a night of good fright. I dressed in the driveway while the younger kids dressed in the house with the help of their moms. A five year old girl who wouldn’t say hi to me at Church, came out and I raised my oversized hands above my head while making an eerie noise.

“I know who you are,” came in a sweet voice.

“I’m a scary scarecrow,” in a scratchy menacing voice.

“That’s not scary and I know you,” in a laughing and not scared at all voice.

The kids set off on Trick-or-Treating in three packs. The first contestant walked up the drive not of our party was a little princess. Her father waited at the end of the drive and after she cleared my line of sight, I waved to him.

“I thought so,” came with a hearty chuckle.

“My daughter is eight and I didn’t want to scare younger than her.”

A sly smile comes over the man’s face, “My daughter is eight.”

“Shall I scare her?”


After gathering copious amounts of candy since every visiting family brought some, she started back down the drive. I stood up and began to follow her down the drive with my hands raised in the air walking like a 1930’s Frankenstein monster. The father points to me and the little girl turns to see the giant scarecrow methodically stepping closer to her. Her eyes grow three sizes making a surprised face with her mouth in a perfect O and brings her free hand to her chest.

“Happy Halloween,” came from my friendliest voice. She smiled and waved.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? A grilled skirt steak marinated with a vinegar, chili, and cumin mixture was a success with everyone enjoying it. A little fat remained on my plate and I decided to spoil our Ginger. Naturally, she sat by me because I do this once a week. I commanded her to stay and took three steps across the kitchen. I heard movement behind me. I stop and look, there she sat a step behind me and two steps from where I said stay. I take two more steps and hear movement again. A quick turn around and her butt sat on the floor, only two steps closer than before. I started a third time and again she followed me until I turned. By the time I can turn, Karen sat smiling at me just a step behind me. My dog the Karen was playing Red Light, Green Light with me and winning.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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