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Friday October 30, 2020

This week has had slow sales but I am learning how to market my book through social media. I joined Pinterest and Tumblr in hopes of expanding my market. This month has brought some surprises. Goodreads continue to provide me with several avenues to reach out to potential customers as I joined several groups. Still not sure how to communicate with them but I keep trying. Author's Den is a place where authors can talk about their books and even allow me to share my short stories written over the years. Their analytics allow me to see how many looked at the stories as well as those who viewed my published books. there are countless other sites to show case my work some free and some with a nominal price.

The Genuine Daughter officially goes on sale on Halloween. This is the sequel to The Nonentity. I will start publicizing more this week. The preorders are available. This book touched me inside because I have a daughter and hate to think of people growing up the way she did. I also could not be more proud to see her overcome her upbringing to become very successful in life. Her heroics in this book are far more than the supernatural ability given to her by god.

This week has been about my short stories and reviewing them and updating them. Some of them written early need a lot of work. I can tell the improvement in my story telling from when I started. I am hoping to gather the updated stories an publish them into a book next year. They are a collection of humor, drama, and romantic stories. The reviewing of them this week really varied my emotions.

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