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Friday 12/18/2020 Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,

Another week has passed and I finally got my birthday cookies on Sunday. My favorite daughter wasn’t able to bake them until then. She had finals and deemed them more important than my cookies. I couldn’t argue with that point but told her next year have her college change finals to a week that doesn’t include my birthday. My teenage daughter laughed at my dad joke.

We have a dog named Ginger. We brought her home from the pound with the name of Honey. My wife calls me and my daughter Honey so this was very confusing to our new dog. Ginger does have a ginger color to her and so the name stuck. Check my web page for a picture of her. (Dog tax)

While traveling down the steps, Ginger likes to zoom past me. I will hear her coming and move to a side so she has room to go down the steps without crashing into me. However, whichever side I choose, she chooses the same causing more problems. Then one day I decided to go down the middle and this confused her. Now she waits at the top of the steps until I am completely down because she runs every where she goes.

The Fighting Son is waiting cover design. I have been working on a collection of short stories since I began writing twenty years ago. This past week I started putting them in book format. I came up with the name The Collectanea Merriam-Webster defines Collectanea collected writings or literary items forming a collection. It is Latin derivative. Some of the stories are in first person as if they are telling a story to friends and others are classic fiction stories. Both ways, they reflect who I am as a person and Godly intent is through them all.

If you have read any of my books, please post a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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