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Friday 11/27/2020

Hello everyone,

It is the day after the American Thanksgiving. Usually this is a day where extended family and friends come together and celebrate life together, but not this year. We had dinner just among our household. My wife made the sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and Brussel Sprouts. My daughter made some heavenly rolls from scratch and pumpkin pudding. While my job was the turkey, stuffing, and gravy. I must say we make one good cooking team. Three of us jammed into our small kitchen producing a magnificent meal.

I prefer stuffing over dressing. The only difference is the stuffing goes into the bird and dressing bakes in a separate dish in the oven. A lot of people do not like stuffing because it dries out the turkey. The problem is that by the time the stuffing reaches 165 degrees F., the bird is on its way to 200 degrees. Thus a dry turkey. You can avoid this problem by filling the turkey with stuffing that is already 165 degrees or more. You want the stuffing as hot as possible when entering the cavities. This way when the meat reaches perfect doneness, the stuffing is also in the safe zone from the bugs inherent with poultry.

I mentioned cavities in the plural. I stuff the usual cavity between the legs where the organs used to be and under the skin left over from the neck. This way people eat all the stuffing from the primary opening and I have a secret stash of stuffing from the neck area to save for the next day. Another secret from an old cook revealed.

My editor return The Fighting Son to me this week. I liked all the changes except for chapter nine. Apparently, I did not make the intentions of this chapter clear and the editor didn’t like it. She changed it to make sense for her but it lost the meaning of the chapter. So I spent this week rewriting chapter nine to make clear what it should say.

The Six Loves of Jack Brown is on sale until Sunday, November 29, 2020. The sale price is 99 cents for the E-book. This is a great deal for a book getting good reviews. Recently received another review where she said, “Not a romantic, always having sex love story, but a story of real, long term love!” This is the best summery of the book yet.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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