Friday 11/06/2020

I am new to this blogging and became carried away on promoting the books and not myself. Part of learning marketing of the books is learning to brand my name as well. With that being said, I am not talking about my books this week, but will give a small recap next week.

One of the joys I have in life is cooking. I discovered early in life, it came naturally to me. It is a joy to watch people eat what I have prepared without saying a word until they are done because they enjoy it so much. It is even better when they complement the meal and my head grows two sizes. With this in mind, I am sharing one of my favorite recipes.

Tex-Mex Beef (note can substitute pork butt or chicken of equal weight)

14.5 oz. Can of diced tomatoes

4 oz. Can of diced green chilies

4 oz. diced onions

3 – 4 cloves Garlic

1 Tsp. Cumin

1.5 tsp. Chili power

1 tsp. Chipotle power or two medium Jalapenos diced fine

2 tsp. Salt

1 oz. lime or lemon juice

3 lbs. Chuck roast

Mix ingredients in a slow cooker and stir smooth. Add meat and simmer for six to eight hours turning the meat after three. Pull meat from broth, skim fat from surface, and shred meat with a fork. Add meat back to broth and taste for seasoning. You can brighten the flavor with some fresh jalapenos. Serve with rice or tortilla bread. It makes a great pot luck dish. If you want it hotter, add a couple cayenne peppers to it.

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