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Friday 06/04/2021: Too Good to Be True

Friday 06/04/2021: Too Good to Be True

Hello everyone,

I sold windows to the hot metals industry for twenty years. This meant knowing the industry but more important knowing the client. There were many precious hours spent researching the client and the contact. I knew the operation of the mill, the name of the contact, and their position with an idea of what they did. If it was wrong and being a steel mill, it usually ended with some curse words. However, most of the time the research paid off and I spoke to the person for some time.

Upon retiring, I took on a new profession of writing books. Currently, there are four books published under my pen name. As an independent book writer, it makes me a book seller. As a book promoter, my pen name and books are on many social media sites. In recognition of my position, people contact me to promote books. Typically their first contact goes:

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I am a book promoter with great experience in social media with 200,000 (up to 20,000,000) followers. You will increase your sales by hiring me.

To be clear, each one of these contacts sound verbatim. One even guaranteed me more sales. Upon asking about the guarantee, he switched to another sales tactic. The few I contacted back, “Where and how would you advertise my book?” Invariably, the reply was it depends on your genre.

Please note, the expert promotors DM my pen name where I broadcast my brand for people to easily see my books. Every book promotors didn’t or wouldn’t take the time to see my brand and instead asked for my genre. It might have taken about five minute to gather and learn the history of my books just by going through my threads.

I am now convinced, they really do not care about selling books and they just want to sell their service. They all have Gmail accounts with no company name associated with them. They promise an ad for their followers to have a chance to see it. They cannot show whether the person sees the ad nor can they confirm their readers reacted in anyway. They don’t have to because their job is only to post the ad for others to see.

Be careful my fellow authors.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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