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Friday 05/07/2021: Happy Mother’s Day

Hello everyone,

It is Mother’s Day weekend all across America. My mother passed more than two years ago, but my wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter 18 years ago. This makes her a mother of our household. Our daughter prepared tamales for us on Wednesday which were very good. I suspect she will bake a cake or cupcakes this weekend in honor of her mother.

As for me, I will make something special for her on Mother’s Day because I like to stay in her good graces. For the past month she wanted pizza and I bought the ingredients this week. I have a thick crust recipe that is quite good. However, last time I made a thin crust in which we had no left overs. I think we will do thin crust again.

It takes a few hours for the dough to set up and it is an all-day event making pizza. It is worth the trouble because, I control the seasoning and toppings. It important to bake the thin crust on a ceramic surface and I have one at my disposal. The oven fires to 500°F. (260°C for my metric friends) and we can watch the pizza browning through the window.

My point to this blog is to point out the importance paying special attention for your mother on her day. It is easy to buy her something and she will most certainly smile for it. However, spend the time to do something special for her and it will fill her heart. Become engaged with her on Sunday and she will absolutely beam with joy over the time you spend with her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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