Friday 04/30/2021: Don’t Break Rules

Hello everyone,

Trash day at our house is Friday. The truck comes by and picks up our trash at 10:30. Sometimes they come early, so we try to have it out by 8:00.

Five Fridays ago, the snow filled the 150 foot drive with two inches of snow with more falling. At the time, my wife and I took turns every other Friday. This was her Friday and she made a new rule, “On wet Fridays I take the trash to the street and on sunny Fridays she will take the trash to the road.”

“So you are saying if the sun shines you will take it and if it is not shining I take it?”

“Yes, that is the new rule.”

I smiled at her and said “Okay” and took the trash out for the second week in a row in the snow.

I load the trash into the wagon and haul it to the street leaving a trail of steps and wheel marks in the freshly laid snow. Then leave similar evidence on the return trip.

The next four Fridays, we have woken to bright sunshine blasting across our yard. This morning, the fourth sunny Friday in a row, I point out what a beautiful sunny morning it is. Seeing the smile on my face she asked, “What’s up?”

“It’s a sunny Friday” trying to hide by malicious compliance to her rule.

“So” says her puzzled face.

“It’s trash day”

“Oh crap. You know you could break the rule if you wanted.”

“No honey, I could never break one of your rules, especially on purpose. I am a good husband that follows his wife’s rules.”

I am surprised her eyes didn’t roll right out of her head at that statement but they did look like an old slot machine spinning about her sockets.

Men, remember never break one of your wives rule when it benefits you the most.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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