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Friday 03/5/2021: Being a Deacon

Hello everyone,

I was reminded this week of my many years as a Deacon at my Church. The way I saw the role of Deacon was to serve the individual physical needs of the Church and work up to the corporate spiritual needs of the Church. Deacons are a branch of the Elders who work from corporate to individual and spiritual to physical. Between the two approaches, the plan is to tend to everyone’s need within the Church. The problem is, we are human and I am sure there were people left without help.

Along with finances, I found myself gravitating to serving the elderly of the Church. There were a few cases where they needed financial help, but most of the time they only asked for direction. Like a widow asking about a dripping faucet. She didn’t know if a plumper was required or is that something she can fix. Another Deacon and myself went to her home and replaced the washer to reseal the faucet. It stopped leaking.

She insisted on paying us but we refused and asked her to put it in the collection plate. The O ring washer was a quarter. We noticed her cutters were full and said we made time to come back and help her with that. After pointing it out to her, she said, “I have grandsons that owe me a favor, they will do it.”

There was a widower who said he had trouble with laundry for a while but with help from his sister, he figured it out. My point of this is to show sometimes all the elderly need is a person to point them in the right direction. As I approach that age faster than ever, I am beginning to understand their feelings. I urge all of you to look after the elderly in your life. Call them, visit them, and be there for them. Most of the time that is all they need.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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