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Friday 03/26/2021: Writer’s Life

Hello everyone,

I have four books published with two more in the works. I occasionally see other authors post about their writing habits. Then there are questions from new writers asking about commitment and other writing problems. This week’s blog is about my life as a writer. I am strange so you may not want to follow it, but I hope it helps inspiring writers.

I spend the weekend reviewing stories in my head. There are several plots floating about among other things in my life. I try to reason them down to one cohesive story and then verify it matches the rest of the book. Upon pondering the storyline, it will change and morph over the weekend.

Come Monday morning, it is time to write if the story seems complete in my head. Managing the first sentence is the hardest. Questions like: how do I begin, where do I begin, what should start this chapter, all boggle the mind. Usually, I change the first sentence at least once. Then the rest of the story streams out of my head.

Due to back issues, my sitting time is less than an hour and five hundred words is the norm. Sometimes if the muse is in me, I type out 1000 words but I pay for with tingly feet and a stiff back. It takes two hours recovery for every hour at the computer. By Wednesday or Thursday a new chapter adds to my next book. My current book has a plethora of demons and serpents with a dragon in sight. All the creatures killed by my God fearing heroes.

Fridays are for blogging which keeps me writing and forces me to be creative. During non-writing times, there is editing and advertising to keep me busy.

If you have read any of my books, please leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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Can you please reply and provide a way for me to contact with you as I have some questions and request for information that I would prefer to keep private at this time? Thank you for this consideration. I am a disabled Army Veteran and cannot access many functions the general population can.

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