Friday 02/05/2021 What is love?

Hello everyone,

The world revolves around love. What is love?

There are four types of love. First is the love from God. This is a reverent love. It is deep and concerns itself with all aspects of life and wellbeing. This best describes God love for the people. We should carry this love to one and other.

The second form of love is friendship. This is the love between friends and focuses on helping each other through life. This love wants a person to be with the other person in good times and bad. It remains even after many years of separation.

The third love is sibling love. This loves shows it best resolve in a young brother and sister. They fight with each other, argue constantly, and yet they cannot stand to be away from each other for more than five minutes. This love bonds people on a deeper level than can be imagined.

The fourth love is passion. This love is most prevalent in a young couple newly married. There is an urgent yearning to be with each other. In marriage, this love brings a young couple together so that the other loves may develop.

Without all four loves active, a marriage is suspect to failure. As time passes, passionate love wanes but the other three grow stronger. Passion never goes away, but it is no longer the driving force in a marriage. This is the old couple you see walking down a lane talking side by side.

Movies and books like showing off the passionate love because it is exciting and fun. I rather show all four loves in my writing. My protagonist love their spouses in this complete manner.

If you have read any of my books, please leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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