Friday 01/29/2021 My Dog is a Caren pt. 3

Hello everyone,

A hallmark trait of a Caren is they believe the world revolves around them. Again, my dog Ginger is the embodiment of this definition. Ginger likes to sleep on my side of the bed when I am not. Arriving at my bed as the day reaches its last few minutes, I nudge her to move. This prompts her to answer, “humminim” in a low moan to show her displeasure with being disturbed. I go to the bathroom and prepare for bed. Upon returning she hasn’t moved.

Now, I nudge her a little firmer and state, “Move over little dog, big dog is coming to bed.” She uncurls her body and stands with the usual moaning and groaning she aims at me since I dared to disrupt her sleep. She slinks off the bed, sits and stares at me because after all it is my fault her sleep was interrupted. Before she curls up into her bed, I have to throw her blanket on her so the sleep comfortably all night.

Of course, in the middle of the night she gets up, kicks her bed to a new position that is more suitable for her taste. This means she ends up in the middle of any paths my wife and I may take. So, we have to be careful if we wake in the middle of the night and want to use the bathroom. If we manage to trip over her, again it is our fault and we gather another grumble.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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