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Dystopian Idea

Hello everyone,

As mentioned before, my stories come from my dreams. Recently experienced several dreams about a dystopia emerging from a utopia. Picture a society where the government controls everything through force. It ends most sicknesses, ailments, and medical conditions. Thousands of vaccines per person prevent sicknesses of all kinds. Life expectancy reaches well into the nineties.

The tradeoffs include rationing of food, forced sterilizations, and end of life commitments that are non-negotiable. The elitist running the country insist all sanctioned programs must fulfill the greater good of society. Researchers try to find preventative measures for MS and Parkinson’s but almost all diseases are history by 2100. People live long lives with premeasured amount of precooked food, micro-screened ventilated miniature housing, and work includes equal parts active and mental toil. Suffering over the past fifty years wanes to the occasional headache or minor muscle pain.

People live a long healthy life never seen before. That is until a new strain invades the world. This strain carries characteristics of both virus and bacteria and it is neither at the same time. Where proper hygiene includes UV disinfectant for killing all pathogens for most common held items in our life, this new strain shows complete resistances to the best efforts of science. Since our bodies no longer produce its own defense, the strains runs rampant killing most of the population within a year.

Trying to piece it together. Pray for insight into this new genre of darker realistic fantasy.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? As any Karen does, Ginger’s favorite hobby, no, life mission is to watch over our neighbors and complain about them doing things she feels as unjust. Her principal complaints revolve around our neighbors across the street emptying groceries from the trunk, next door’s wife walking to the street to pick up their mail, and most of all the dog two doors down sitting quietly in his yard. These and many more deserve her self-righteous fury over their presence within her eyesight.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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