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Daughters Picking on Dad

Hello everyone,

I have an eighteen-year-old daughter. She occasionally picks on me. She brings home a banana-nut muffin and I ask where is mine? She replies with a muffin grin, “You should have come with us.” She and mom went shopping. Naturally, I didn’t go shopping since I hate shopping.

This is another moment in a laundry list of incidents since becoming a teenager or her picking on dear ole dad. Does a loving dad deserve such abuse? I don’t understand why she does this. It is not like I purposefully scared her coming out of the bathroom one day, made romantic comments to her mother just to embarrass her, or sung loudly to old-time music when picking her up.

Oh, wait that did happen. Okay, maybe I deserve it. Daughters keep picking on your dad, we know you love us by doing so.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Karens have an innate need to be the center of attention. No one may take center stage or focus from a crowd without them becoming jealous and upset over people devoting their observations to someone other than them. The longer the focus is on another, the more they become needy and start acting out.

Ginger, our dog, is a Karen. Last Tuesday, we hosted our Small Group since the normal host family was on vacation. Karen moves around the group to whoever speaks at the time looking for love. Since I lead the discussion, this means while following my notes, I have to pet her at the same time. Another person responds to my thoughts and she moves in front of them with the sad puppy dog eyes lying to them about never getting attention.

As the evening ended, she whined and moaned that no one said goodbye as they left. She complained to the manager mom, that no one paid attention to her the whole night. Going to bed that night, I cover her with her blanket and I hear, “mmmnnnnmmm,” in low guttural disapproval, like it was my fault no one had the proper amount of time with her.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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