Computer Gremlins

Hello everyone,

Finished my ninth week of shingles. Most of the pain has dissipated but still get nerve endings tingling in my side, very bizarre. Thank you for all who prayed for me, it meant a lot.

I finished the preliminary story for the fourth book in the Flying People series a little more than a month ago. It is speculative fiction with a heaping helping of fantasy. I always wait a month or more before attempting any editing. If I edit too soon, then I read what was in my mind and not written in the book.

However, over the past month Gremlins got into my computer and made a mockery of my story. First, these little devils changed sentences to read “The went to the store” instead of “They went to the store” many times throughout the book The replaced They. The Imps only did it minimally to torment me into having to read it several times before figuring out what it really meant.

The next thing change from my memory of my work was the changed tenses on a regular basis. I wrote this story in first person, present tense for effect. I found many cases of was instead of is. I know these fiends were messing with me trying to confuse me more, but I learned of their plot and corrected most of them. I'm sure I missed some, the third edit coming.

Their final insult was to change two sentences into complete gibberish. I am not sure what I wanted to say in those moments, but I completely cut one and the other I changed it to a new thought.

Be careful my fellow authors. After talking to a computer friend of mine, the scientist cannot stop the Gremlins from entering your computer and doing the same to you. It is maddening.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? This week my wife was calling for her. She called out Ginger several times and commanded “Come” with each call. Ginger stared at her with defiance in her eyes refusing to be told what to do. Then my wife said, Karen come” and the dog came with tail wagging. Even she realized she is a Karen.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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