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Christmas Love

Hello everyone,

The Christmas season came upon us again. Our family began last Friday when my wife and daughter rearranged our living room for the tree. It seemed strange to me that the tree can never be in the same spot two years in a row. This rule of decorating remained out of my comprehension throughout our marriage. The two spent the day transforming a normal room into a Christmas oasis with a mix of Biblical and secular decorations.

Saturday found myself and my daughter adorning Christmas lights across the front of the house. Unlike the inside, we tried to remember how we hung the lights from the year before. My favorite daughter climbed the ladder and strung the lights on the porch eves. She was the architect designing for color and style while I, the engineer made sure the power levels did not exceed capacity. We finished as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

The decorating represents the celebration of Christmas. However, the meaning of Christmas comes from remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior. Christ's appearance shows everyone that without love all the rules of the Old Testament are meaningless. His constant message in our lives today is about loving God with all your heart and he boldly adds for us to love our neighbor as ourselves. During this Christmas season, we need to live this imperative lesson.

As we interact with friends, family, and even people we meet coming and going in the busiest of times, do so with the love of Jesus in our hearts and in our actions. In the Bible, the word love is an action verb. It is something we are to do. Moreover, it is a way of life in that all we do is done with love. This love may show itself as little as holding a door for someone to help a financially strapped person out of debt.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Ginger helped (for the lack of a better word) decorate the living room last Friday. She saw her job as to sit on the furniture while the women move it. Sometimes she sat up proud and other times she lay prone as if to say it was not moving. Ginger wanted to complain to the manager, but it was manager mom doing the moving so she just grumbled every time they wanted her to move.

The Christmas design of the living room put the largest couch against the panoramic window out the front. Normally she laid on the couch with an eye out the window to appease her favorite pastime of barking at anything that moves. For several days after the move, she paced around the house and when she did lay on the couch, it was with great grumblings, moans, and groans. Karen was not happy about the change.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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