Christmas Bonus

Hello everyone,

So, dinner has been served and the dishes are almost cleaned. I had to rest with my back when started to hurt. Well I was washing the dishes, pots and pans from our Christmas dinner, I remembered our dog sitting from just outside the dining room staring at us. She had a look of a Dicken’s street urchin begging for food while not trying to be conspicuous about it. The sad tone of her expression was saying that her family only gave her crumbs from the table and she hadn’t had a full meal in weeks or maybe months. If she could speak, I am sure I would have heard in a very childlike voice, “Please sir, may I have a single bite of the roast you are partaking in?”

For the record, she eats every morning before coffee and breakfast for the humans. A second meal at four o’clock every afternoon. I can honestly say, she has never missed a meal in her seven years of life. Oh, she did get a Christmas treat, her afternoon meal included the meat dripping from the cutting board and some left over fat from a couple of plates. She has been out and now laying down dreaming doggo dreams.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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