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Book Funnel Week One

Hello everyone,

Most of the promos on Book Funnel want the participating authors to advertise the sales in their newsletter and/or social media. Therefore, I posted the links to the promo on several pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. This gathered 112 clicks of potential customers going to the promos and 58 views of my book. Since I used a unique link to my book, I know there have been five book sales with one being mine. Here is to sell more.

I am still learning as I manage through Book Funnel and hope to learn more about it. I am planning further promos but will limit it to two romance and two fantasy promos in July. So far the $25 membership per year seems to be paying off and I will keep other authors informed as to its success. If you are an author, join my website so you don’t miss updates. And to the readers, please be sure to follow the links advertised or go to Book Funnel for your next great read.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? Every morning at eight I watch a television show. Every morning about ten minutes into the show, Ginger wants out. The music or maybe the lead actor’s voice triggers something in our dog and she wants out come rain or shine.

Tired of missing part of my show, I wait until the commercial break to let her out. Of course, since she is a Karen, this comes with the usual sighs, grumbles, and moans as if the wait lasts weeks instead of the minute or so to the commercial.

Almost five minutes later, she notifies me she wants back in by kicking at the door. Again I wait for the commercial to come in a minute. Does a Karen remain calm and patient, no. She barks after thirty seconds because the door has not opened. As the commercial break begins and I head for the door, a louder bark of exasperation resonates throughout the house.

The five seconds it takes to reach the door becomes enough to set her into a full Karen rage and while I unhook her from the leash, she gives me a disapproving grunt to express her indignation of waiting an extra minute to come into the house.

“Yes I waited for the commercial,” came back with not nearly as much disdain.

She runs off to tell the manager mom about me.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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