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Book Funnel, One month

Hello everyone,

I ran ten promos during June, the first month of Book Funnel. This proved to be too much as my sharing over social media became water-downed over the month. July will have just four promos running at any time. This will allow me to increase the number of people coming to the promo through my links and therefore increase the number of people viewing my and my fellow author’s books.

I found the promos with less than fifteen listings did not fare as well. The promos with fifteen and fifty books in them tended to do the best with mixed results on promos featuring eighty to ninety-six books. It appears there are either a lot of people promoting the link, or my books get lost in the vast number of books with few viewers.

I managed to sell seven books through the promos and from what I read this is normal. I can expect to do better as I learn to use Book Funnel better. Like most things in life, I can expect what I put into it but there is a learning curve.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? A Karen must be the center of attention. We host Small Group on Tuesday where our isolated house fills with people. Of course, Ginger believes the people visited for her affection only. She showed off, mingled, and otherwise looked for everyone to pay attention to her.

This past Tuesday filled the house with the usual people plus the brother of one of the regulars. Ginger goes to every soul looking for pets, rubs, and pats. This week, her need for devotion from her admirers did not fill her needs. As we discussed from Col. 1:21-29, she starts whining and whimpering from a truly broken heart. The crocodile cry tried to melt the hearts of all in the room.

Then she goes to the family room and bangs her bell gratuitously loud to gain our consideration. Mom left the living room to let her out and Ginger ran upstairs to us again. I continued the study, and she began whimpering like a wounded moose. I offered to let her out, but she returned to the center of the guest-filled room. We picked up our discussion without showing her any concern.

Then she pulls a toy out of her box to squeak a response from everyone, but the squeaker refused to make noise and the whimpering filled the room as a backdrop to our conversation. As we ignored her Karen-like attempt to hijack the purpose of the visit, she whined persistently. Mom attracted her with a treat to her two-legged sister’s room to rid the noise from our presence.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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Colin Coles
Colin Coles
08 lug 2022

Congratulations for sales via Book Funnel. Photos of great PR expert and advertiser. Is she already a You Tube star?

Mi piace
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