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Book Funnel, Month Two

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Hello everyone,

July thirty-first ends the second month of my Book Funnel participation. I set up a spreadsheet to organize the promos. Yes, I am that kind of a nerd. The spreadsheet tracks the name, end date, number of days of the promo, number of books, number of clicks from my dear readers to the promo, and number of views of people searching the links to my books. Then two more columns to show the ratio of books to links and views to days. The final column expresses the leaders of the promos in order to see which promo’s host has the best viewer results.

Three hosts outshined the others by quite a bit. This gives me insight as to which promos to follow in the future. With the hope, that they have the same high results in the upcoming months. That being said, I sign up for August promos without seeing the final results from July, but this gives me two months of data for September. Being a numbers geek should help sales in the future.

July’s promos supply four book sales which are down by one from the first month. Only one of the promos has a better than poor views to days ratio. It is my hope August produces better sales numbers since I tried to find hosts with good ratios since the more views I receive, the better chance of creating a sale. I will keep everyone informed come the first Friday in September.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? My daughter enjoyed 4-H in her younger years. Of the many things she tried, one was woodworking. She built a flower box, painted blue with white birds on it. She took second place at the county level and honorable mention at the state competition. It sits proudly on our living room coffee table to this day. (A little dad bragging)

In her second project, she built with less help from me a dog dish table. She read dogs digest better when eating their food elevated from the floor. Ginger received two stainless steel bowls as a pup. One for water and the other possessed bumps and grooves to slow down her eating. She cut two holes in the plywood and sanded them to fit. Then built the appropriate legs to raise the table to the perfect eating height.

Come feeding time, Ginger, our resident Karen beats on this table while grumbling, speaking harshly, and with a glare of total disdain for the length of time, it takes to scoop her food from the bin and place it in her dish. Mind you her food bin stays in the pantry because she possesses the knowledge to open the bin. This fact only adds to her tirade as her servants don’t move fast enough for her Karen wants.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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