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Bane of Authors

Hello everyone,

I belong to several writing groups on various social networks. The other writers express many reasons for why to write, how to write, and when to write. Opinions navigate across several ways to edit and put the finishing touches on the book. One thing all authors agree, marketing is the bane of our existence.

I run small ads trying to find the correct combination of visual and wording communication to sell my books. I have some success then it goes flat. I am still looking for the right graphics and wording to get more sales. I watch several YouTube videos hoping to gain insight but can’t find any regarding catches phrases and artwork. There are people out there that possess this knowledge but I don’t know them.

This past week, I started Google Ads. I watched about three hours of tutorial videos on the subject and will watch more in the coming week on how to maximize advertisements while lowering the cost. I hope this will increase books sales. A tutor suggests making a small profit on advertising and I hope to break even. I keep you informed as to my success.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Recently a truck backs into our neighbor’s drive. Ginger wakes from a sound sleep at the sub-audible rumbling of the truck's engine. A yelp of panic sounding an alarm of panic jumps through the house. Trying to get my heart started again, I meander to the front windows. The neighbors are getting new furniture.

Ginger still yapping at the truck when I say, “They’re getting furniture.”

Ginger still in alarm mode, “Roo meroo arn arn marn rooo.”

“It’s their house they can have new furniture if they want.”

“mern meroo arn rooo” somewhat calmer.

“Leave them alone and don’t talk back.”

As any Karen would do, “AERM” getting the last word before walking off.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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