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A Very Karen Moment

Hello everyone,

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? On Monday morning this week, our resident Karen, aka Ginger, proceeded to have a total meltdown bringing in the manager, aka mom, and disturbing the writer of the house, aka me from weekly prep for Small Group.

Our local telephone company had the audacity to send a man to work on the lines directly in front of our house. His van parked on the far side of the road in line with our drive. He pulled the green box apart and worked without care for our dog. He paid no mind to her and this proved to be beyond intolerable for our dog.

After five minutes of Karen screeching out a closed window, I had enough. “Is it in our driveway?” is my usual question.

She paid no attention to my words and continued, “arrrrrrooooorrrrrroooo” in a constant stream of obscenities toward this man with the impudence to ignore her.

“GET UPSTAIRS,” as I herded her toward the steps with her complaining all the way.

She entered the bedroom where mom busied herself with the next project, “Grummmm, groannnnn” coming from deep in her throat to protest my miss treatment of her for sending her upstairs and not fulfilling her rant.

As I turned to go back to the computer, “arrrrrrooooorrrrrroooo” as she raced down the stairs again to resume her verbal attack on this unknown man.

“NO, GET UPSTAIRS.” This time I followed her upstairs and command her onto the bed. Her defiant stare screamed how she would not calm down. So, wrestled her to lay down and left.

Her parting shot, “Grummmm,” as I left the room.

Almost two minutes later, the telltale jingle of her license and ID around her neck indicated she sought more complaints about the man doing his job. As she made it to the bottom step, I came around the corner pointing two fingers at my eyes, then at hers, and back again. She slumped back upstairs with a groan of indignation.

The telephone repair lasted a good hour with our resident Karen trying every five minutes to get the final word at howling her temper. If she had opposable thumbs, the president of the telephone company would have received a formal complaint from her as she tried to get the man fired for doing his job.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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