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A Very Karen Day

Hello everyone,

Tuesday starts off with the sun fighting through the clouds. My wife rises first taking Ginger with her. Meanwhile, I hover between dream and reality as I try to catch a few more Zs. I hear the door close to let our old dog outside for her morning business.

A few hours of dreams pass in the five minutes only to have reality bark into my next storyline. Our resident Karen finds her first complaint just after daybreak. She cannot stop for the injustice in her eyes is unparalleled.

We gather Ginger into the house to find two pickup trucks with smashed mirrors stopped in front of our house to sort out the details. The red truck pushes his broken glass from the driver’s door onto the pavement before they decide to move to a side street just out of sight which slows the howling of the irate Karen. As she finally calms down, the man from the red truck and the neighbor clean the glass in front of our drive which saves me from doing it after breakfast. This generates another round of barking at their audacity.

She shows her continual torment knowing they are nearby letting out a gruff every couple of minutes. A State Trooper slows in front which sets our Karen into another rage against the man until he disappears around the corner. All seems quiet when another car slows in front of our house with another five minutes of complaint howling echoing through the house.

Then mom checks the garden for tomatoes to make a salad for Small Group and Ginger rises to assist. While watching mom from the back deck, she spies the two dogs two doors down. Again, her rule is no other dogs are allowed in our neighborhood. She lets her wrath known to the world of the two dogs walking peaceably around their yard.

Every half hour Ginger discovers something new to voice her Karen complaints until we start cleaning for the guest coming over. Naturally with the typical Karen attitude, she puts herself in the middle of it. Grumbling at everyone getting in her way.

As five rolls around, we start setting the table and putting the final touches for a night of entertainment. Mom trips over the dog and wrenches her arm trying to keep her balance. Mom yells at her baby and Karen gives mom a look as if she should stay out of her way.

Only half the group shows up for Bible study with back-to-school and family problems keeping the others away. However, a proper Karen always expects all attention should go to her and the study operates around her groans and grumbles about being ignored. Ginger fulfills her mission of a total Karen for the entire day missing her twelve hours of naps.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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