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A Valentine’s Blob

Hello everyone,

This story came up in my Facebook memories. I hope you enjoy it.

Valentine’s Day appeared on Sunday in 2021. Every Sunday for going on twenty-eight years, I made pancakes for the family. When my daughter was just a wee little girl, I made special pancakes consisting of shapes such as hearts, bears, and other fun things to eat. I even tried words which is tricky because I have to write them backward. Along came her teenage years and she stopped having breakfast with us.

When Valentine’s Day fell on Sunday last year, I reminisced of years before and tried to make a heart for my wife. It morphed into an unrecognizable shape with no resemblance to a heart. As I flipped the pancake over, my wife nosed over to the stove.

She noticed the flipped pancake, “Oh look a heart - - - But not really, it is just a blob.”

“A Valentine’s Blob made especially for you.”

Together we said I was out of practice and laughed it off. What do you get your wife of twenty-seven years of marriage, Valentine’s blob? The romance ran amok in our house that special Sunday morning. This was me showing love for my wife and she returned it in kind. So to men out there, make your wife a Valentine’s Day blob to show your love. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day 2023.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? Last Sunday, I went for a shower. Ginger sprawls furry self over my side of the bed. Feeling rejuvenated after the shower, I exit the bathroom. Ginger moved, well not move as much as changed positions. Now curled up into a furball, I sit next to her to get dressed. Then a sneeze comes quickly over me with a weird sound blasting throughout the room. Just as I recover from the first, a second sneeze blasted out of my lungs.

Then a long disgruntled grumble from alongside me caught my attention. Wiping my nose with a tissue, I turn to see our four-legged Karen staring at me. The stare chilled my bones with its coldness. If capable, her hands would have been clasped on her hips as she groaned displeasure for disturbing her peaceful slumber.

“I sneezed,” said in self-defense and she groaned again reiterating her annoyance.

“Karen, if you don’t like it, take it up with the manager.”

Ginger crawled out of her ball and marched over to mom to complain.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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