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A Christmas Observation

Hello everyone,

Our small community holds an annual Christmas festival from noon until five. The parade starts the festivities traveling from one end of town to the other end. The total distance amounts to a quarter-mile. Yes, my town is that small, but the atmosphere is grand. People fill the streets as merchants open their doors for local crafters and tinkers to sell their items. All afternoon these small-town residents wander the streets like any large downtown city.

Being a people watcher, I am amazed by all the Christmas costumes. People wear sweaters with ornamented trees, Santa Claus, and other popular Christmas themes. People wearing Santa’s hats, reindeer antlers, and even one with elf ears amuse my sense of humor. A young man sports a suit with a wrapping paper design as seen on TV. The dogs wearing Christmas garb present me with the most wonderful gift.

These sights bring out the fun and laughter of Christmas. Let us not forget the reason of the season that is the remembrance of God lowering himself to become a man born from a virgin. Jesus came to teach us by perfect example how to live with God. His greatest teaching is for us to love each other as broken humans. Christmas is love because Christ loved us first. My prayer this week is I share the love God has for me with everyone who greets me.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Ginger likes helping me cook dinner every night. That is to say, she hangs out in the kitchen waiting for anything to fall on the floor so she can lick it up before it bounces. This anticipation comes with having a dog. However, being a Karen she becomes agitated seeing me putting clean dishes and forks on the counter and knows it is time for us to eat. Her anticipatory stare appears as if to say, “Timmy fell into the well, the forest is on fire, and Black Bart is riding in to kill us all.” When I say, “Go tell mom,” she starts howling and running through the house. Urgently, she runs upstairs with screams of “Arrroooo, Grrrroooo,” blasting from her diaphragm. Please note we eat at five and she receives a full meal at four.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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